Hey everyone, welcome to my blog.

I’m gonna use this space as a kind of mental regurgitation. One part public journal, one part recipe book with a few craft ideas thrown in here and there for good measure, plus notes on various things I want to be able to refer to later. And occasionally, probably a rant or two and philosophical ram pings on different things I find interesting or just piss me off, lol. A dog’s breakfast, really.

One of the primary reasons I wanted to start this was to keep track of things in my garden, a kind of ongoing journal of what’s blooming when, what works and doesn’t from year to year, and quite possibly some notes on different garden projects I tackle as the garden evolves. Some of these may read like a how-to, others like a photo exposé. We will see how well that goes.

My garden is an eclectic mix of my interests in general. I’ve been a native plant advocate, and Washington Native Plant Steward, for over a decade now. I got started in gardening very early as interested in the wildlife, particularly butterflies, bees and hummingbirds, as in the plants themselves. I HATE lawns with a passion, and find the whole white pocket fence mentality of landscape design boring as hell. So, most of my ramblings in the garden (those that aren’t a simple list of what’s blooming) will be about what attracts what, how to attract different things, and maybe some philosophical discussions about landscape use and design, and that kind of stuff. If I’m lucky enough to catch some wildlife on my phone you may even see a pic or two! Or just a bunch of out of focus flower pics, lol.

One of the things I want to do is to start adding some more human elements to the garden so it doesn’t look quite so wild, lol. To that end I will also add occasional craft projects I try out to add some more permanent color to the garden, and things like that. There may be some indoor crafts like quilting and lapidary work if I get inspired and do something too, but most of it is likely to center around the garden.

I’ll also add recipes here and there, again because its easier looking them up here rather than my usual method of scribbling them on a piece of paper (or printing it out if I got it off the comp), which rarely gets back to the stack where it belongs and even more rarely gets the pride of an actual recipe card to be put in the old card file we inherited from my grandmother, lol. Actually, though I do use her recipes, I can’t bring myself to actually add to her box. Seems like messing with an heirloom, which I guess it is. One of these days I need to go through and scan them all, and publish a book of her recipes. It might only be interesting from a family history perspective, but it IS a part of our families history, especially the cookies she used to make every year at Christmas time, and why did my grandmother who never drank more than one Manhattan, have nearly a dozen recipes for different kinds of liqueur? Lol

The other thing this space may get used for is more philosophical ram pings and rants. Just because I have a big mouth and can’t seem to keep my opinions to myself when something really grabs my attention. These ram kings could be about just about anything.

So, hope you find something interesting to read about.

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