Anna’s perambulations, 8:15, June26th, 2016

27 Jun

All this happened in our new little courtyard area…

A little female came buzzing up to within a few feet of me, first checking out each flower on the “yellow” flowered Mimulus ‘Tropicana’

Next she visited a couple of flowers on the Salvia ‘Wendy’s Wish’ just below it, including a couple of empty sepals without a flower in them

Next she visited a couple of flowers on the little red Salvia coccinea ‘Summer Jewel Red’

This is one of my favorite combinations this year- the Salvia, a coral and white Pelargonium hybrid (geranium), and the lavender blue Viola cornuta hybrid. Linaria ‘Flamenco’ is on the left and a white flowered Osteospermum daisy with a blu center and reversa is to the right. Beautiful combination, if I do say so myself!

Next she flew over to the Cuphea ‘David Verity’

I was hoping she would go to the other little similar red flowered Mimulus in this photo, but she was chased off the Cuphea after visiting a couple of flowers, by a male with a nice full gorget!

Not sure which hummer it was, but this morning I also watched a hummer in this corner  visit the Ecremocarpus scaber, a fuchsia hybrid, and then flew off through the shrubbery. I think s/he noticed me sitting there and got spooked…

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