Hanging Yuletide Baskets

15 Jun

So for summer I have fuchsia baskets on the back deck. They not only provide flowers for the hummers (this year I made them with both fuchsias and Cuphea ignea, which they seemed to appreciate), they also serve to block a direct flight path to the feeder on the living room window when it’s up.

Since this is much more important in winter when their are fewer flowers in the garden, and the birds rely more heavily on the feeder, I decided to make my own version of what they are selling in the stores right now- Yule baskets of greens, with of course my own twist. *grin*
So, we went to Dollar Tree, cause I really don’t want to spend more than I have to on these. We found a couple of things to make these nicer than the ones in the store. First, the baskets-

I would have preferred a less obtrusive wire basket, but these will work great, and at a buck each, beggars can’t be choosers, lol. These are about 12 inches across at the top.

To hang, I already had some hanging basket things scrounged from somewhere, each with four wires to hang the baskets from-


So, to hang I drilled 4 holes in the rim of each basket, roughly equidistant (doesn’t have to be perfect, just close enough the baskets will hang square).


Now I just need to thread the four wires through the holes so the basket can hang. These were still new and straight in the ends, so I bent them all together first to make it easier to hang them all at the same length-


Poke each wire through the different holes and make a quick loop. I didn’t want to twist these as I do for a heavy basket, as after the season I’ll take em down and store them nested without the wires in them.


Now I just need to wire greens to the outside to make the baskets “grow”. I’ve collected fir branches on my walk home from work, and cut greens from the garden (Oregon grape, Mexican orange, laurel etc, mostly evergreen stuff, but would use red osier twigs if I had them).

*end notes*

Apparently I never finished this post (blush)… And never took a pic of the finished project either, mores The pity! The baskets were covered in greens (cut Oregon grape, Mexican Orange and Grevillea from the garden, plus windfall fir, cedar and hemlock from the woods). I hung a white star from the bottom of each basket. They staid up till late February, lol… By which time the greens were going a bit grey. I had plans to add solar lights to them, but couldn’t figure out how to get the little solar panel up and out of the way. Maybe next year I’ll figure that part out. 
Over all I was pleased with he results. I plan on doing it again next year with the same baskets.

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