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Fresh Strawberry and Papaya Salsa

30 May

A few weeks back we made a mango salsa for salmon… It was so good we decided to try a nice twist for some white fish today- fresh local Washington strawberries, with a nice little tropical twist of papaya. We haven’t gotten the fish yet, but I’m thinking a white fish of some type. We will see what looks good when we get there this afternoon.
For now, it’s salsa making time! One caveat, I hate peppers, so there isn’t any in this, but I’m sure most folks would add a jalapeño or something to it. Feel free…
I’m going with fresh fruit, and a few herbs (lemon balm and Mojito mint), a little cider vinegar from a local guy, lime juice and zest to work it up a bit, and maybe a little salt and pepper to round it out. 
So, first things first…. Let’s get the juices flowing. Strip the leaves off the stems of the mints and mince.

I then added the juice of one large lime, a good glug of cider vinegar (maybe half a tablespoon?), and a twist or two each of salt and pepper. I do this first so the juice can absorb the flavor of the herbs a little better.

I just added two sprigs of mint to a whole pile of lemon balm, partially cause that’s what I had of the mint in the garden, and partially because I didn’t want to overpower the strawberries with a ton of mint. Lemon balm is great for filler, but tends to need a fair amount to get the herbal lemon flavor going, so this works good here.

Next up is the fruit. Clean and chop the strawberries till you have about a cup of chopped fruit, and do the same with the papaya.

All in the bowl and stirred up… So far so good, it’s yummy! Now to let it sit for the afternoon, till we get the fish tonight. Or maybe chicken… I think this would be good either way!

I ended up using just half of the small papaya… The real star here is the fresh strawberries, so I want more berry than papaya in it, but of course you can always fiddle with the proportions based on what you have.
Can’t wait till dinner to try this!
Footnote- we ended up getting fresh tuna for this. I loved it! Some might prefer it a little sweeter, the lime fave it a distinct tartness, but I really enjoyed it. I do wish I had remembered to take a bit of the cut fruit and purée it to give a thicker ‘sauce’ though, so it would stick to the fish better. Still, we decided this is definitely something to try again!

Also, the Cider Vinegar we used is not just your typical store bought stuff. We found this wonderful real vinegar (as in, if you leave it long enough it will reform the “mother” colony that made the vinegar in the first place!) at the West Seattle Farmers Market. Rockridge Orchards has a full line of cider related stuff from simple ciders (the pumpkin infused cider is one of the more unusual offerings), hard cider, wines, even Apple brandy, not just the vinegar. Good people, selling a very good product!