Hanging Basket Project

19 Apr

This year we decided to try a little project with some plain black plastic nursery pots, to add some ‘bling’ and make them look like more than they are, lol. Last year we got fuchsias already blooming, but that wasn’t in the budget for this year, so instead I’ve been plotting how to take a slightly larger 12 inch across, short regular nursery pot from the freebie like at a local nursery, and turn them into nice looking hanging baskets.
To do this, we are gonna try using spray paint to make some designs on the side. We will use blue painter’s tape and contact paper to make the designs, spray paint for the actual paint, and maybe a little detail work with finger nail polish and flat glass marbles. We’ll see about the latter… Lol
Ok, so first step is to scrub down the pots!


Who’s you are scrubbing, inspect the pots for cracks, especially the rims if like me you want to hang them, and scuff marks that will mess up your painted design. I had to reject a couple because of big scuffs in the design feild, and one that had a cracked rim.

Rather than paint the whole pot the base color, we decided to make a stripe around the pot. This will save a lot on paint, and will look cool. The simple way to do this is to use a wide painter’s blue tape around the edges-

Smooth down the edges good so paint can’t ‘leak’ under the tape.
Paint the base coat next. The way we are doing it, the base coat will be the deign part, as we are cutting the designs on a Criket cutter from the contact paper as a resist. We will then spray the background color over the top. That means the color we are using now is what we want in the design, not the background. We decided on purple, for this part.

I actually used two colors of pLet this dry thoroughly before you mess with it. 

Now I need to mark the baselines on the side. We are doing a repeating symmetrical pattern, so I need to mark where my four baselines are to make them even. I’m not gonna be too overly picky about this… But do want to make them roughly equal around the pot, divided into quarters.

I didn’t want to mark up the paint, so put arrows to insicate my lines on the tape-

One arrow on the top, one on the bottom. I can eyeball it from there.
Touch up any scrapes or scuff marks (doh!)


Once the first coat is thoroughly dry, the you can apply the docorative cut outs. We are using contact paper cut on a Cricut. Cutting contact paper is kinda fussy apparently, but if we can get it on nice and flat it should give us a nice image.


I’ll let these dry overnight, and see if I can remove the stencils in the morning.

April 29th re-visit:

Ok, so it’s been more than overnight, lol… So shoot me. It’s been busy around here, and the weather turned cold and raining. Soooo, been a while since I had both time and decent enough weather to go outside and paint.

Plus, the first one didn’t work as I expected- the purple came up with the stencil quite a bit-

I still like the way it looks, so I’ll still use this one, but it wasn’t quite what I was expecting. So, now the rest of them got a quick primer coat, in black, under the base turquoise coat. Yeah, I flipped the colors, lol. Hopefully these don’t come up the way the purple did. So, base coat done for now!

I’m hoping it doesn’t rain again before these have time to dry off, and I can get them inside again. Man, the smell is giving me a horrible headache, out here in the sun! Hope they don’t stink up the house too much tonight. Still need to cut the designs for the rest of the pots, so this is as far as I can go for today. 
Oh, and I used a glitter spray paint over the top for the first one, but half way through the can got stuck open! I had to quickly paint another pot, this little oops may cost us the sparkle if we can’t replace it, but it did make for a cool all over kinda hippy drippy pot I’m kinda liking! *grin*

This one and the other I’ve already finished got a clear coat to hopefully keep em from scratching too much or shedding all their glitter in the first wind storm. I used my trusty little hand drill to drill holes

Is it weird I prefer little hand tools like this to a power tool? Plastic is easy to drill anyway, took me longer to find the drill bits than drill the four holes on the first one, lol. 

At least now I can plant something! Grin


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