Wall of plants!

12 Nov

So at the same time we are setting up the fish tank, it’s also past time to get all the summer plants that need overwintering inside. Poor things… I’m about a month late for some of them.

We ended up deciding to get new black metal shelves for them, and I must say I rather like the effect! Too dark now to take a photo, even with he flash it doesn’t look like much.

Poor hummers, half their favorite flowers are now inside… Fuchsias, shrimp plant, salvia… Didn’t leave them much outside but the Grevillea and the feeders.

The shrimp plant (Beloperome guttata) was starting to melt in the cold, but still putting on a good show!


And look at all the buds on this “Christmas” cactus! It should be in full bloom, as usual, for Thanksgiving, lol. Assuming the buds don’t blast. Need to remember to most it often so it doesn’t go into too much shock.


And finally, one of the Phaelenopsis orchids that stayed inside for the summer, and seems to be doing rather well.



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