GSAS Auction plants

12 Nov

Ok, so we went to the Greater Seattle Aquarium Society’s annual plant auction tonight, and man did I have way too much fun getting plants. I hate to say how much I spent… Mostly in 5-10 dollar increments… But I did by a 50 dollar jug of shrimp, lol. But I’ll get to that in a sec. We joined the club too, next month is their Christmas potluck. I’m not much of a mixed for things like that with a bunch of people I don’t know… But we will see. Depending on the program’s though, we do plan on going to at least some of the meetings. We will see how that works out.

So, in terms of fish, we got a rather nice, big albino bushy nose plecostamus, locally raised by one of the members (don’t remember his name, sorry), already with a few bristles, and twice the size of the one we had gotten earlier. Hopefully they get along ok.


I think he is claiming this cave as his own hides home!


We Aldo’s got a tub of shrimp in a ton of moss/algae stuff (Riccia?). The tag just says “50+ shrimp- RCS, Pumpkin, Tiger, Orange & more!”


I think that one is a female, cause it looks like she is fanning eggs under her belly there. Some are a nice bright red, one looked yellow, most are just clear little shrimp. Some were tiny cry, others like this one good sized for these little guys, not quite and inch long. Since at the local LFS these were running between 4-7 dollars each, I think a buck a shrimp isn’t too bad. Even if these aren’t the cool stripes ones. Those were also at the auction though. We might be able to pick some up later at the monthly meetings at thief monthly auctions.

And then there are the plants… I kind of over did it. We didn’t want to get too many fish since the tank is still cycling, but plants I kind of got more than I may know what to do with, lol. It IS a 100 gallons, plus another twenty or so in the river top filter, but we will have to see how well I can find room for all these plants…

Anubias congensis


Anubias barteri var nana (emerged- check out the flowers!)


Anubias barteri var nana ‘Petite’


Anubias sp (it was cheap, lol)



Barclays longifolia- little narrow leafed water lily relative


Bolbitis heudeloti- African fern

Bucephalandra sp #710-03


Ceratopteris thalictroides- water sprite

Crepidomanes auriculatum- described by the guy from Aquarium Zen as a rare fern from (Malaysia?) which will grow up on a stem kind of like a tree fern



Cyperis helferi- two strong tissue culture plants


Cryptocoryne lutea


Cryptocoryne pontederifolia


Cryptocoryne undulate


Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Tropica’


Cryptocoryne sp (looks like green wendtii)

Cryptocoryne sp (thin wavy leaves, reddish color for now)

Fissedens (fontanus?)- Phoenix moss

Helianthus glomeratus- baby tears

Hygrophyla lancea

Hydrocotyle tripartita- I’m hoping this is like the dwarf one called ‘Japan’ around


Ludwigia ‘Tornado’- stem plant with really cool, narrow twisted leaves


Microsorium pteropus ‘narrow leaf’
Microporous pteropus ‘Windelov’- Java fern, an old standby.

Micranthemum umbrosum ‘Monte Carlo’- baby tears (grown emersed)

Monosenium tenerum- pellia, an aquatic liverwort, looks a little like seaweed kind of. Shrimp love it, and fish fry are also supposed to do well in it.
Najas guadupensis- guppy grass

Nymphaea zenkeri- tiger lotus

Proserpinaca palustris- mermaid weed, with its cool spiky feathery leaves. I just hope it does well in my tank, lol


Ranalisma rostrata- “unusual small carpet plant”


Riccia fluitans- crystalwort, another aquatic liverwort, much finer textured than the monoselenium type.

Vesicularia dubyana (Taxiphyllum barbieri?)- Java moss, cause you grow have it, lol

Now I just gotta get it all planted… Many of the stem plants will float for a bit, to acclimate. Makes the tank a bit of a mess, but that is all right. Gives the fish something to explore 😉


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