Fresh Cranberry Bark

24 Oct


So last weekend we went to the West Seattle Farmers Market, and one of the vendors there was selling fresh cranberries, apparently dry harvested in their Olympia area fields. I wasn’t aware that made a difference, but the cute young man we talked to seemed to think so, lol. Along with the cranberries he gave us a nice handout with a bunch of recipes. One of the ones that intrigued me was chocolate dipped fresh cranberries. Apparently they can be eaten like chocolate covered strawberries, which of course I love like most people. Since I also love cranberries, sounded good to me!

But of course, I can’t leave a simple recipes alone… So mine ended up more like a bark, lol. So this is what I put in mine:

Double handful of fresh cranberries
Handful of hazelnuts
Good sized slice of candied ginger, slivered
I round bar of Mexican chocolate (Ibarra, if it makes a difference to you)
Double handful of chocolate chips

I slivered the candied ginger, crushed the hazels under a knife to break them up, and added those to a bowl of the cranberries. Then I melted the chocolate on a double broiler, and when it was thoroughly melted I folded in the cranberries, nuts and ginger.

Once the cranberries were coated, I spooned them out onto a oiled Teflon sheet, and stuck them in the fridge to harden. Turned out like a big chocolate bar, though I could have as easily made them into haystacks. Speaking of which, this same idea would have been good with pretzels and candied oranges or any number of varietions…

Anyway, these are wicked good! I’m surprised at the juicy texture of the cranberries, which often seem to me kind of puppy when fresh usually, but this way they are sweet tart without adding extra sugar. They are rusted and grainy since the sugar in the Mexican chocolate didn’t really dissolve, but I really like them! I will definitely be doing these again!



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