New Fav Hummingbird Feeder

20 Aug

So early this summer we picked up a new feeder while at the Ace Hardware store in West Seattle. I liked the design, and I thought it might work well… And it does! Well enough when we went back in this last weekend, and they had more, I got two more of them!


This is a Bliss Hummingbird Feeder by More Birds


As the tag says, it is easy to fill (though the ridge on the top that you put the little hook through the hole in makes it not stand up straight), easy to clean (it’s even dish washer safe, if your ok doing that), and the little ports are easy for the birds to use. I haven’t seen any bug issues on mine, though that is always possible. But the design of this naturally limits that, since the nectar site far enough down the bees and wasps fact reach it, and the hole is hard to see, thoug the birds have no trouble with it.

The clever design has three parts, four if you include the hook.


The “bottle” portion is more than big enough for my birds at 13 fluid ounces, I usually only partly fill it. If I had swarms of birds, I’d go for a bigger one but this one works well for me even half full.

The base part is in two pieces- a five part reservoir and a flower shaped cap. It’s a little tricky screwing this back in since they want to slide crossways to each other, but other than that it’s easy enough to hold them together and slide the bottle on. What I really like is that each “petal” of the flower shaped vase is a separate chamber, keeping at least some of the inevitable contamination from getting to all the nectar. It also seems slightly better than some about not dripping too horribly when whacked or hit by wind. There just isn’t as much to slosh in he little well each chamber makes.

So overall I really like the design of this. The only thing I would ask for is an integrated ant moat on the top, which might also help keep it stable when upside down for filling. Other than that minor improvement, this feeder works really well! I just hope the somewhat soft plastic holds up over time, bit only time will tell on that.



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