Lemon Lavender Rhubarb

22 Jun

So at the market the other day, we saw a guy selling a jam from this trio. He wanted way too much for a little bitty jar, so we didn’t get his preserves, but it did give me the idea of trying this at home.

We have been getting a lot of a rhubarb each week, because Beth loves it and it’s something she can eat on her diet. Both Rhubarb and Lemon are “free” for her, and lavender is an herb, so also free, so this whole thing is not only tasty, but perfect for her Ideal Protein diet.

So basically what we did was to cook the rhubarb as normal- chop it up and throw it in the pot, but this time instead of adding water, we used lemon and zest. For about three pounds of rhubarb, I zested two lemons and juiced them, plus a little extra lemon juice. Cook the rhubarb down as normal.



Cook down the rhubarb till all the little chunks are softened and falling apart on their own. At this stage, it can be chunky so long as the chunks mash when you squeeze them, because we usually stick it in the blender and whir it down when done.

But for this, I wanted to also infuse the rhubarb with lavender, so I made a little bouquet of about 6-8 sprigs of fresh lavender (choose ones if you can that are just beginning to open their first few flowers, but the majority are still buds, for the most essential oils). I tied these together with a rubber band and set them in the pot.


Gently stir them in so that the flowers are covered in the rhubarb mush, and cover for 3-5 minutes.


The longer you steep, like tea, the more lavender flavor you will get. Don’t go too far though, as some of the lavender flavor gets a little too intense, with an almost metallic after taste if you leave it in too long.

Once it is steeped to your liking, take the lavender out and compost it, I usually just gently try and squeeze as much of the rhubarb mush out of the now cooked flowers as I can, and throw the mush in the blender. Sweeten to taste, then blend till smooth, and jar up the goodness! I have no idea how long this stuff lasts… Beth eats it almost as fast as we make it, lol.

Beth usually has this with her Chocolate Pudding at night. I put some in a bowl with banana slices and almonds, and it was really good that way too. This is different, but if you like lavender as a flavoring, give it a try!


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