Ismene festivalis

13 Jun


This just started looking last night, June 12th, 2014. Not bad for a buck and a half! seriously, these and the Iron Cross shamrocks under them were bulbs in the half off sales at the end of winter get rid of ’em quick sales, lol. I noticed these bulbs were good, so I took a chance on them. I honestly didn’t think these Ismene bulbs would bloom this year, but it looks like of the 3 that came up (there were four, so I did loose one bulb… But still, pretty good odds!) and every single one that came up has a flower spike.

It will be interesting to see how long each of these flowers last, hopefully like their cousins the Amaryllus, these will last quite a long time. Today’s cool rainy weather should help with that!

Oh and the bonus, they are fragrant, at least at night! Not too surprising, since these really do look like a tropical moth plant.

I doubt these are hardy, but then neither are the shamrocks, or the milkweed in the center of the pot. They all will need to come in for the winter. If I let the milkweed go, the bulbs should be good stored dry in he pot over winter, though the shamrocks might stay green if kept watered. We will have to see what they do at the end of the summer.


Update- a few days later, and several more flowers on multiple stems are now blooming! I love these, I’ll definitely keep growing them, even if they don’t attract any pollinators, lol.



In that last photo, you can see how the rain has made beads of water on the crepe paper thin petals, beautiful! Smells good too 😉 I wonder if we have any moths around interested in these? Been a bit wet to sit outside at night to find out though.


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