It’s Alive! Cuphea ignea

18 May

Ok, so after winter weather which included a full week of temps around 18-20 degrees, I was sure this half hardy perennial, in a rockery with little more than a couple of inches of leaf cover, was dead as a door nail. And indeed, when I uncovered it a month ago, all seemed lost, the woody old stems seemed dry and brittle, no signs of life at all.

But in all honestly I have learned over the years to leave things like this alone, so I left it to see what it would do. And now, sprouts! Now it could be willow herb seeding itself into the crown, but it sure looks like my old friend Cuphea ignea!


Can’t wait to see if it will prove reliably hardy here… I’ll start collecting them like Fuchsias if that is the case!


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