Washington Native Plant Society Sale, May 3rd finds

4 May

Not all for me, but here is what I got:

Adiantum alueticum- 3 x 1gal
Antennaria rosea- 2 x 4in
Aquilegia formosa- 6 x 4in
Blechnum spicant- 12 x 4in
Boikinia occidentalis- 1x 4in
Caltha palustria- 1 x 4in
Campanula rotundifolia- 2 x 4in
Delphinium menziesii- 8 x 6in
Delphinium sp- 1 x 4 in
Huechera chlorantha- 3 x 4in
Lillium columbianum- 1 x 6in
Linux lewisii- 4 x 4in
Mitella ovalis- 1 x 4in
Penstemon procerus- 1 x 4in
Penstemon richardsonii- 1 x 4in
Trientalis latifolia- 3 x 1gal/6in
Turritus (Arabis) glabra- 2 x 4in
Viola adunca- 2 x 4in
Viola glabbella- 3 x 4in
Viola paustris- 3 x 4in

Most of this stuff I bought for friends not myself, but a few will find their way to my own garden. We will see how much *grin*


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