Sylestia game referral

1 May

So for the last several months I’ve been playing a game called Sylestia. It’s a mini MMP game, where you can catch critters, then breed them with a Mendelian style mutation possibilities. It’s still a young game, less than two years old I believe, and the owner/ developers are still very much active and part of the rather outstanding community.

So, here is my referral link, in case you want to try it out-

Join Sylestia Today!

Hope that works properly, lol.

So yeah, I’m kinda spamming for referrals here, lol. I like the game, will likely keep playing regardless, but it’s nice to get a perk here and there too if I can, lol.

Oh, I should probably mention there is a fully customizable avatar to it too. One of the things you can collect is all the clothes, head year, wings and stuff for the avatars. Plus the year you need to fight with. So, lots to collect, and lots of pets to collect and or breed.

There are four seasonal festivals they put on too, at each one they open a special some for you to hunt the themed pets in, which have a special coloring specific to that theme. There are usually bosses to fight for special drops of their avatar kit, and high level gear difficult to get elsewhere. Often the maze map for the some is kinda cool in its own way, and makes a nice break from the usual hunting spots.

Anyway, check it out if you like these kind of games. The breeding dynamic is one of the better ones I’ve seen around, not that I’ve played a ton of these, lol. But worth the effort for most pets.

And more than anything, it’s a nice friendly, still rather small community.


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