18 Mar

At the request of a friend, a few hellebores I am currently growing…

Honestly I haven’t focused on these too much. Lovely as they are, they don’t attract much of anything here that I have ever seen, not even flies. Pretty much they are late winter color, that’s it. But they are kind of pretty in a somber kind of way, and blooming when nothing much else is, so they are kinda nice.

So some pics… I swear I didn’t plan this combo, didn’t even know what color the hyacinth was since it wasn’t blooming last year when I planted these together, and who knew the primrose was gonna survive? You get a fifty fifty chance with those things, lol… But it is a nice combo


This next one is my lone surviving Helleborus niger, the Christmas Rose, though mine never blooms that early. The tall tall stems are Corydalis scouleri, which probably explains why this hasn’t gotten any bigger over the years. The Corydalis covers it up pretty quickly.


This clump is obviously doing better. Oddly enough, it was planted at about the same time as the above, but this one gets more water in summer. It was supposed to have a nice carpet of the black leafed Ophiopogon here, but that stuff is murderously slow.


The final Hellebore I have is a seedling that I picked up last year at the Green Elephant Plant Swap (which I missed this year, darn it…) I’m not sure if this is a straight species or a hybrid?


Pretty amazing flower show for a second year seedling! The little green flowers have a reddish brown band on the lip of the petal, which if I remember is distinctive for one of the species, maybe H foetidus? Need to go look it up, lol. The leaves of this one are nice, darker green and thin leaflets.

I have to admit, these are under the category of Darwinian plantings- pretty much I plant em, and let em do their thing. The best survive, the rest perish. Hence Darwinian, survival of the fittest, gardening, lol. Kinda harsh, but I don’t have enough energy to look after everything!


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