Around the neighborhood, late winter/ early spring flowers

12 Mar

March 12th, a beautiful sunny morning, warmest one yet since yesterday was also sunny and nice, and the plants are responding accordingly…


Primroses, both those bought this year and from previous years, are some of the brightest spots of color. As are the various early daffodils.


Across the street the heather is starting to bloom nice


And the vinca


They also have this beautiful Daphne odora that smells heavenly


In the background you can see a few flowers of an old andromeda bush too.

Down the way a bit, one of the early Rhodies is blooming a bit


These would so better if he didn’t make his Gardner shear them back and trim them so much.

Some nicer andromeda bushes


And a nice early plum/cherry


Lots more in the woods with the Indian plum blooming, and buds popping on trillium, salal, salmonberry and other early birds…


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