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Plants purchased in February, 2014

26 Feb

Costco had a sale on bulbs, so got;

Lilium ‘Montego Bay’
Lilium ‘Salmon Star’

These are Oriental/trumpet crosses, supposed to be fragrant in kind of sunset and salmon shades. The first is more orange, the second more like a traditional oriental, but salmon orange in the center and white along the edges of the petals, with darker spotting. Hopefully they do well here. There were 8 of each, nice healthy bulbs.

Dahlia HS Date
Dahlia HS Flame

These are red leaved types, bicolor single blooms. The former is dark yellow and orange toward the center, the latter is more reddish orange with a lighter streaked center. I hope they end up being good for bees and maybe even the hummers, as the red one in front has been. Haven’t planted these yet, though I was sorely tempted today…

Finally we got a flat of Primula acaulis, just plain happy cheerful primroses… Until they got bit by that hard frost the following week. Now they are all deciding if they want to push out more buds or just dissolve in the cool rain we had last week. Most of them will pull through, but one or two of them I’m not so sure of.

Then yesterday I went to Swanson’s Nursery and got some bare root-

Rosa ‘Queen Elizabeth’
Rubus idaeus ‘Fall Gold’
Camellia sasanqua ‘Yuletide’

Ok, the camellia wasn’t bare root, but it was on sale!

Then I scooted over to Sky Nursery, and picked up a few things-

Iris reticulata (dark blue)
Iris reticulata ‘Cantab’
Primula acaulis (pale streaked blue)
Primula acaulis ‘Sunset Shades’
Galthonia nivalis

And seed for-
Escholtzia caespitosa

For around the birdbath in the back, after the Erythroniums finish. Spread the seeds out this morning, so hopefully they like the area and come up quickly. Still want to get some of the tiny little native Lupinus micranthus for this spot too…

The bulbs here were already out of flower, and on sale at 1.49, while the primroses were .69 for whatever reason. The pale blue one I really like, even though the flowers are rather floppy. I’m hoping it proves perennial, and will have stronger stems once outside. The irises were hand labeled ‘dark blue’ so I don’t think that is a cultivar name, just a descriptive name. They are really pretty with the pale blue primrose, lol.

I still want to pick up some Purple Asparagus if I can find a decent deal on them… Sky wanted 20 bucks a clump for it! Didn’t see what Swanson’s was selling theirs for. I may have to go down to Carpenito Brothers or Furneys to get a better deal on it, we will see.


Ended up going back to Swanson’s a day or two later, since I was in the neighborhood anyway, lol. Picked up the Purple Asparagus (asked for three roots since they were like 2.59 on sale, got 5 from the nice guy who helped me! I love this nursery… Lol)

Also picked up a bare root Vaccinium x ‘Sunshine’, we will try that one in a pot. I thought it was a dwarf, but the descriptions online say 3-4 feet, so it may not stay in the pot long, lol. Not sure where I would put it in the ground, where it would get the water it will need in summer.

Lastly I broke down and got a bag of two Dahlia ‘Honka Surprise’, one of the relatively new, single “Orchid” type dahlia cultivars, this one should be yellow with a kind of coral pink colored reverse. Since the petals curl over themselves, it makes a nice bicolored effect, especially with the golden stamens.

The only thing I am worried about is that, with the ones I got at Costco, that is a LOT of dahlias to find room for in the garden, lol… We will see I guess.

Oh, and I was at the little Latino grocery store in Renton, and they had small but nice Primroses at .69, so I had to pick up a flat of ten of em. I mean really, nice primroses, not the frost hit melting ones, for .69? It’s amazing I didn’t get more 😉

What’s blooming- February 25th, 2014

25 Feb

Spring is in the air… The winter flowering stuff is mostly getting that ragged, I’ve been blooming forever and am done look, and the spring stuff is slowly starting to bud out and shyly open…

(Andromeda polifolia- neighbors)
(Camelia japonica- neighbors)
Cardamine hirsuta
Claytonia sibirica
Clematis cirrhosa
Dactyl orchids glomerata
Draba verna
Grevillea victoriae
Helleborus foetidus
Helleborus orientalis
Iris reticulata
Lamium purpureum
Lonicera standishii/fragrantissima
Mahonia aquifolium
Mahonia bealii
Narcissus ‘Tete te’
Mahonia x media
Oemleria cerasiformis
Primula acaulis hybrids
Push kinks libanotica
Sarcacocca humifusa
Viola adunca
Viola x wallichiana

Another day of nice weather, and I think the first buds of Ribes sanguineum will be opening too… Maybe tomorrow if the weather forecast is accurate.

What’s blooming- February 3rd, 2014

3 Feb

Primula acaulis hybrids
Clematis cirrhosa
Mahonia x media ‘Arthur Menzies’
Mahonia x media ‘Charity’
Mahonia beallii
Narcissus x ‘Tete Te’ (purchased in bud)
Grevillea victoriae
Cardamine hirsuta
Cerastium tomentosum
Claytonia sibirica
Lamium purpureum
Dactilorhyza glormerata
Viola x wittrockiana

Neighbors, on the edge of the property…

Camellia japonica (big classic double camellia type)
Andromeda polifolia