Hand painted birdbath

7 Jan

Ok, so just had to brag a bit…

Beth and I and the various nieces and nephews have for a few years now, made a tradition of going to the ceramic place so the kids can paint their own tiles. Each year I do a bowl or something too. This year we decided to splurge, and I did a bigger bowl that we can use as a birdbath in summer. This is low fire ceramics, so I don’t trust it outside in any winter weather, but in summer it will go outside in the back, I have just the spot in mind when I made it.

Anyway, I thought this year’s effort turned out really well!


And a close up of the frog-


My first attempt was awful, so I cheats this year and googled it on my phone! I am so glad I did, he turned out much better than the blobby thing I did from memory, lol. I guess my memory of what these look like isn’t so hot.

And the dragonflies-


A matched pair, just like the ones we get flying around in summer, except I think they have clouded wing bases… Oh well, close enough.

The rocks in the bottom are deliberate. This is a deep, slippery glazed bowl, and will likely get real rocks placed in the bottom so the birds have some traction. The rocks both act as a place saver when it’s inside for the winter, and I won’t mind covering them with real rocks.


The back is done with some oxalis on one side, and a nice little June but beetle (also googled!), and little seedling maple tree, which ended up all washed out.

I can’t wait to put this out in the garden!


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