Mock Cinnamon Rolls and Eggnog

28 Dec

Ok, so I should have posted about the holiday cookies, and maybe I still will before they are all gone… But for now, thought I would document the mock cinnamon rolls we made this morning. Pretty simple- start with a tube of crescent rolls, pre-made dough! Whizz up in the Cuisinart some cinnamon sugar left over from the sugar cookies (or more traditionally, a little brown sugar and cinnamon), a handful of pecans, and half again as much dried cranberries.

Open up the roll of the crescent rolls, I left them as four squares but the traditional triangles would work just as well. Spread the sugar cinnamon nut mix over the top-


And start rolling!


At this point if you wanted a more traditional roll, you could cut these in half, maybe even turn them cut side up and place em in a pan for that, but I don’t mind these logs like this.


All rolled up and ready for the oven- 375 degrees for around 10-12 minutes according to the package directions. We’ll see…

In the meantime, want some eggnog? Lol… You can do a simple, not quite so rich nog with skim milk and egg beaters in the blender. Let’s see, it’s about half a cup of egg beaters, the equivalent of two eggs, quarter cup of sugar (this is a low sugar version, add more or use the traditional powdered sugar if you want it sweeter), and two cups of milk. I also added a dash of our cinnamon mixture (typically has cinnamon, allspice and a little clove) before whirring this up in the blender. If you like a good foam on top, do the eggs first, then add the rest. My Vitamix does a good job of foaming things anyway, so I just dumped it all together. Pour it in the glass, with a little nutmeg grated over the top, and you’ve got a nice little egg nog.

On the plate with half an orange all sliced up, pretty fancy but simple Saturday breakfast! Ok, well brunch if you go by the time 😉



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