Watering the Orchids

26 Oct

So a few years back, Beth started getting or hide from her kids at school, for a while it was the favorite thing to give as a teacher’s gift. We got one or two ourselves, when we figured out that for whatever reason they like our house and have an extraordinarily long bloom time. Now most months there are one or two Phaelenopsis or hide in bloom around here.

On one of them, the care suggestion was to water once a week with an ice cube. Now of course, I’m not that much on a schedule and prefer to check and see if they need water first, and I usually give them more than one at a time… But I think this is a genius idea for watering something like an orchid or cactus that generally likes to dry out between waterings, and worse, grows in a medium that is not always easy to re-hydrate.


With ice, since it slowly melts, the water is gradually added and given time to penetrate into the bark chips or moss that these are all planted into. Works great! I’ve even been thinking of making some fertilizer ice in individual trays for them, since I really haven’t been doing much ferts for them so far. The oldest one is starting to look a little piqued… Probably needs repotting, but I also wonder if a shot of fertilizer would help.



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