Plectranthus ‘Velvet Elvis’

26 Oct

This was bought as a color spot “annual” this spring, one of those premium foliage plants that makes everything else look good.


It started blooming about the same time I brought it in, which is a shame, since I was looking forward to seeing if the hummers would like it. As a tropical perennial, it shouldn’t be hard to overwinter. This is closely related to the old fashioned “Swedish Ivy” (which of course is neither Swedish, nor an ivy, lol), so I am not anticipating any great difficulty in overwintering the main plant.

I got it because I loved the leaves- richly felted dark green above, nicely pleated along the veins, and with an amazing deep purple reverse!


Now I have to admit, purple is my favorite color, but on this it is quite stunning, and I keep wondering what it would look like in a hanging basket with the sun shining through its dark leaves. Maybe next year I’ll plant some that way and see.

I have one cutting going already, and by spring I may well have several more. I may even try this bedded out in the rockery, to let it do what it wants with the salvias and such out there. Come to think of it, the dark leaves would set off the flowers of the tiny Fuchsia campos-portoi, and the Salvia ‘Cerro Potosi’ too. Looks good with the orange Cuphea ignea and Lantana camara I have them mixed with now, too, so lots of possibilities. Only flowers in fall, though… Too bad, as I would love to see these blooming all summer. Can’t have everything though, huh?


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