Everything’s Inside Now…

15 Oct

So all the “temperennials” (half hardy or tropical perennials that won’t survive outside over winter, but might have a chance inside), are now inside in the living room. Makes it a bit of a jungle in their, but there is a bunch of stuff I don’t particularly want to loose, and next year there may not be a budget to replace most of this stuff either.


This Plectranthus was JUST setting its first flowers when I brought it in last week, now it’s looking rather spectacular with the soft orange Lantana camara ‘Lamdmark Peach Sunrise’. This is a pretty lantana for sure, but I won’t cry overmuch if it doesn’t make it. No pollinators to speak of visited it much this summer, not even bees. I may see if I can get seed of the wildlings from someone in the Deep South…


That Cuphea ignea is one of the main things I want to keep alive, and I know from past experiences, if it dries out once its toast. I’ll probably be propagating it continuously over the winter if I can, to give me as many chances with it as possible, plus I’m thinking if I have enough starts to mass plant it under the apple tree next year. The hummers love it, and it would be beautiful there.


This Persian Shield- Stronilanthes dryerianus, is pretty spectacular foliage wise, but I never noticed how nice the flowers were too. Unfortunately, like the Plectranthus, it mostly seems to flower in late summer and fall, about the time I need to bring it in. Hopefully it’s as easy as most mints to propagate, and doesn’t mind being in the house for the winter.


This Cuphea cyanea ‘Carribean Sunset’ was a late summer bit with the hummers, and the Abutilon also got some attention, so I decided to bring them in even though in July I was thinking I’d let them go. The Abutilon is supposed to be hardy here, though I’ve never gotten them to pull through. I have cuttings of each of these as insurance, but I’d ideally like to see especially the Abutilon get bigger and see if that makes a difference in hummer usage here.

And finally, a pic of the big Jade tree, just for grins 😉


And of course, the fog burned off just as I went to take the photo… Still, it has a nice silhouette!


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