Anna’s Perambulations, Sept 26th, 2013

26 Sep

Cuphea llavea ‘Tiny Mice’



Fuchsia x ‘Billy Green’


This is the first time I had seen them use this particular fuchsia, and she must have really liked it since she hovered at each flower for several seconds to get every drop, while the Cuphea was a short probe into each flower…

Cuphea l. ‘Flamenco Samba’


Mina lobata


Dahlia coccinea (Bishp’s type)


Fuchsia x ‘Display’


Oddly enough, she completely ignored the Cuphea ignea that had been a favorite all summer, as well as Salvia ‘Hotlips’, ‘Cerro Potosi’ and ‘Wemdy’s Wish’ which are all blooming as well, and were favorites earlier. Maybe the cooler weather favored the plants above somehow?

She ended by landing in the Rosa gymnocarpa in her favorite spot. They may not like the flowers of this native (not that it’s blooming now, it usually only blooms in late spring), but they sure like hiding and resting in it!


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