Saving Tomato Seeds

16 Sep

Ok, so I scooped out some of the seeds of the beautiful yellow heirloom tomatoes we just got at the market


I cut the fruit in half for roasting, and scooped out the pockets of jelly with the seeds in them from around the rim of half of one fruit


Note how the inside has a red heart, while the outside of these when ripe is a golden yellow washed or lightly striped reddish pinkish orange. Beautiful fruit.

So, to clean these I just popped the jelly covered seeds in a strainer, and rinsed


Make sure you kind of press the pulp out, rubbing the seeds against the mesh of the strainer till the pulp is mostly pushed through and washed away. With these, a membrane like skin remains, but that’s ok. It should flake off for the most part when dry, and at any rate doesn’t affect germination too much.

Knock the cleaned seeds out onto a paper towel


Pat the seeds as dry as you can, then scrape the seeds back into the center of the towel. At this point you can let them dry like this. I like to fold the towel over the top to cover them, and let the towel wick the moisture away as much as possible.


In a few days they should be dry, and you can store them in a seed packet, or plastic bag or however you like to do it. I make these little origami type seed packets, this one is ready for the seeds as soon as they dry.


You can use this same basic method to clean pretty much any berry or fruit to get the seeds inside. Research germination first though, since some kinds of berries and fruits germinate best when fresh, so instead of saving the seeds, you would want to sow them immediately. Tomatoes and most vegetables like cucumbers, peppers, etc. should be pretty good saved up though.


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