Lavendula viridis

26 Jun

I’m still not 100% positive this is the straight species, the original plant died, and this is a seedling from it, the only one of about a dozen that survived. Still, I love this plant. It’s fragrant leaves can be used like rosemary, but have a complex flavor mixing pine, lemon and lavender notes. Often the species is called “lemon lavender” because of the citrusy hints, but I think the flavor is much more complex than that. If you do decide to use it, be careful! Little dab will do you with this one. Too much overwhelmed just about everything it is cooked with, and gives a medicinal aftertaste that is not particularly pleasant.

The flowers are like the Lavendula stoechas type cone like bracts, but with chartreuse green to cream flowers poking out. Bumbles like them as well as they do all the lavenders. Skippers and butterflies, when flying while it is in bloom, also like these. Haven’t seen a hummer on them, but would not be overly surprised.

Needs really good drainage, which here seems to mean a pot, lean soils seem to be fine though. Hit heavily by hard freezes, but usually pulls through ok. Not the easiest lavender I’ve grown, but not the hardest by any means either. Worth a try if you like different herbs for cooking or potpourri, etc.



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