Mixed pot- Nemesia, rose and candyflower

22 Jun


This little strawberry pot was pit together three years ago now, and is as charming as ever. The little rose was a florist type mini given to Beth from one of her pre-schoolers that year. Didn’t even have a name… This is the only one of several she was given that particular year that survived, but luckily it’s my favorite. It changed color depending on the weather, and as it ages, going from pink buds to shades of orange or apricot as it opens.

The Nemesia ‘Aromatica White Improved’ was bought as an annual that year, but has come back nice and full twice over now. Gotta love that in an “annual” right?

And the candyflower, Claytonia sibirica, is a native annual that self seeds in this pot, luckily I love the combination of the three together.

Only problem is, I think the rose needs to be planted in the ground or something, or I just need to refresh the soil. Last year it produced tons of flowers, but this year it’s looking pretty anemic.


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