Schizanthus pinnatus

21 Jun

These are called “Poor Man’s Orchid” according to the tag, though to me it looks nothing like an orchid. The flowers are frilled, with a fancy shaped edge to the petals, and an almost pansy like face where the nectar guides make a complex three plus color pattern to guide the bees in, and apparently the hummers too on occassion.

I remember getting these when my mom was still around. She liked the frilly leaves and the cheerful colors. Most are shades of white to pink or purple, with a bright yellow and orange face, sometimes with additional purple or pinkish red nectar guidelines into the throat.

This year we found them in a six pack, I think at Fred Meyer. I’m not sure I like buying plants from a “big box store”, but honestly Freddie’s had a good selection and decent prices, much better than the local Nurseries would have. Plus, there really aren’t that many independent nurseries left, and they are all either too expensive, or don’t have much worth working with.

At any rate, when we got these I wasn’t expecting much wildlife wise… Mostly it was a nod to fond memories of growing them when mom was still around. I’m glad I planted them now, since the Anna’s at least have taken to visiting them occassionally.





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