Fuchsia x “Princessita”

25 May

Ok, so I have a thing for fuchsias, so sue me, lol.

In this case, I bought this one as an already blooming hanging basket, complete with Bacopa monieri as a companion plant, half off because it was neglected and had some dead branches and stuff. Really, it looked fine, the nursery people at Lowes where I bought it had already watered it and it was perking up. Nothing at all wrong with it.

So for 15 bucks I decided it was worth it. We didn’t have much blooming for the hummers at the time, anyway, and this is a single that looked good, with to s of flowers. So, I got it.

Took. Week or so, but one of the Anna’s females is now using it regularly (along with the Salvia coccinea seedlings in with the Begonia boliviensis ‘Bonfire’, which she occasionally also will visit, and another hanging basket Fuchsia with a very compact variety with bigger flowers I thought was ‘Kathleen’ from the store tag, but has. Varietal tag I just found which names it “Auntie Kinks”).

The only real problem with this is weather or not I am going to try and overwinter these… My overwintered ‘Marinka’ fuchsias are still not flowering, and don’t look near as good. The standard I bought last year looks good, but oh has one poor lonely flower. I think the cool weather is inhibiting flower bud production even on these guys. Much as I love these, it may be in some ways better, if not cheaper, to buy new in flower, in spring.

I so wish I had. Greenhouse for these kinds of things…



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