Lasagna Rolls

24 May

Ok, so this must be one of those new trendy things… I saw it on someone’s wall on Facebook, caught my attention cause it looked good and easy… So last night when I decided to actually do it, I looked up recipes and oh my, there are a lot of them out there.

But basically, it looked like a regular lasagna except you roll it instead of doing the layers. Easy enough, and we had everything to do it. Of course, in my usual style I kind of winged it, lol, so I have no idea the amounts of any of the ingredients I used. So I’m not even gonna try and include that, just a list of what I used.

To start, we had gotten some handmade spinach noodles from the Pappardelle’s booth at the Issaquah Farmer’s Market. We love their noodles, pricey but the flavor is so much better, and they always have new stuff to tempt us. So I boiled these noodles for five minutes, then took them off the heat and left them in the pot while I got the filling finished.

For the filling I mixed about a cup or so of Mexican ricotta style cheese, a good quarter cup Romano, about that of a nice goat cheese, and a handful of shredded cheddar and jack. To that I added a double handful of spinach, chopped up medium fine.

Honestly I oh just now realized I forgot to add an egg, lol. It was runny, but not everly so. Didn’t seem to need the egg, but I might add it next time if I remember.

So in the bottom of the pan, I spread a little of our home canned roasted tomato sauce, the. Started rolling the noodles with the filling. Basically separate the noodles (in this case, I had to cut them in half too), spread a little filling on each noodle, and roll em up! Messy, but not any worse than doing the usual sandwich.

Actually, I think I ended up using almost half the cheese filling I would normally use for lasagna, which of course is the “bad” part nutrition wise.

Once the pan was full (and what do you do with the extra noodles?!?) I topped it with the extra sauce from the jar, plus an additional pint of sauce, and baked it at 350 degrees for a out an hour. Turned out great! I Ctually kind of liked this better, and sin e the rolls a t like discrete portions, it’s really easy to serve this way. It would be great for a potluck or something like that.

Of course, this was meatless, but you could easily add sausage or ground whatever to the sauce. We even thought it would be cool to start the roll with a stick of the turkey pastrami or something like that.

The other variation I saw online I want to try was to use an Alfredo sauce instead of the traditional tomato sauce, maybe with a pesto kicker. That sounds good too.




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