Fuchsia triphylla “Gartenmeister Bonstedt”

24 May

We bought this tender fuchsia at the Issaquah Farmers Market late last summer, and it is still blooming. It briefly paused in the middle of winter, but only at producing new buds, the flowers hung on till the next batch started again. We actually bought two, but one I left in the gallon sized container and left outside. It didn’t freeze out till after New Years.

And that whole time, the Anna’s used the flowers, even when they were frost bitten and a little off color from the cold. Now that the big one is out again, they are again using it. Luckily I took cuttings about a month ago, which are now about ready to plant out or pot up. I should probably plant the big one out in the garden and pot up one of the cuttings to overwinter next year.

Because I had such good luck with this variety, I jumped at the chance to try “Mary” when Patrick from the Hummingbird Forum offered me cuttings, and this spring when we found another variety at the Pat Calvert Greenhouse. I’ll have to go find the name on that one though.

At a y rare, this is a nice fuchsia not just for the brilliant coral pink red and orange flowers, but also for the dark reddish overlay on the nice robust foliage. It’s not really purple leafed, nor bronze at all, more a dark green with plum purple overtones. Very nice indeed.



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