UW Arboretum Florabundance Plant Sale gleanings

28 Apr

So this weekend was the annual plant sale at the Washington Park Arboretum, the Florabundance Plant Sale. Traditionally, this is the biggest and most diverse of the spring sales, though its a might cramped at the Arboretum compared to what they have had in the past at Magnussen Park. Still, it’s a must go to event for many gardeners, and an important sale for many of the vendors too.

This year I conned my sister Beth into taking me, and we kind of egged each other into way more plants than I really had intended on getting. Beth laughed at me when I pulled a list out of plants I was looking for. We only found three things from the list, but we did find three FLATS of cool stuff to bring home;

Abutilon hybrid (looks much like an A. megapotamicum type)
Agastache ‘Golden Jubilee’
Anemones nemerosa ‘Vestal’ (Beth saw this one in bloom in a display bed by the donation area behind the Pat Calvert Greenhouse, and then we found one for sale! Yay!)
Chaenorrhinum origanifolium ‘Blue Dreams’ (dwarf snapdragon)
Cuphea ignea
Embothrium coccineum (Beth had to twist my arm HARD on this one. I’ve been lusting after this plant for years, and now that we took out the Laburnum, we have the perfect place for it. I just really hope that it survives… These can be difficult to get established, and are only half hardy around here. Once growing though, they should be good, and there is a reason they are called Chilean Fire Bush. Hummers are supposedly as besotted as people when they are in full flower.)
Fuchsia ‘Billy Green’ (from the Pat Calvert Greenhouse again, my good friend Lynn Shoe had her stock plant there to show off the nice flowers… Beth and I got suckered in by them, lol)
Fuchsia campos portion (this one I even know exactly where to put it!)
Fuchsia glazioviana (we both fell in love with the foliage… I just hope it proves hardy)
Fuchsia ‘Juellia’ (bright gold foliage, with reddish tinge to the newest growth… Should be stunning in a pot, I just hope the hummers like the flowers, and it proves hardy…)
Fuchsia magelanica ‘Purple Mountain’
Impatiens omeiana (such pretty leaves!)
Iris cristata (Beth fell in love with the sweet little flowers, lol, especially when the vendor claimed it would grow under Rhodies)
Lobelia tupa
Mentha spicata (“Morrocan Mint”, cause it smells divine, for our watermelon compote this summer, lol)
Mimulus cardinalis
Pelargonium ‘Tango Velvet Red’ (Beth loved the dark, velvety red flowers)
Ribes sanguineum ‘White Icicle’ (because I don’t have enough Ribes already, right? I do know where I want to put it though…)
Salvia ‘Wendy’s Wish’
Salvia darcyi ‘Pscarl’ (Vermillion Mexican Sage)
Viola ‘Angel Amber Kiss’
Viola ‘Rebecca’

Beth says I shouldn’t take her to plant sales any more, that we just get each other in trouble, lol… But we did get some really cool plants! I think the hummers will be happy here this summer *grin*.


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