The Daffodils are just about done…

23 Apr


Last fall we got a bag of daffodils from CostCo, was I think 40 bulbs, 20 each of ‘Mount Hood’ and another I can’t remember, but looks like ‘Holland Sensation’. But one bulb is the above, I think it’s ‘Souvenir de l’Orange’ or something similar. Kind of a happy accident with all the white of the others, lol.

But alas, they are all starting to fade. So even though night temps are still almost Winfrey, the garden flowers are sliding past mid spring and on into late spring flowers. The Ribes are all starting to drop their flowers too, along the the Mahonia and Osmanthus, and buds are popping on all sorts of perennials. The Dicentra are in full swing, as are the wood hyacinths. And the clincher… The apple tree is starting to bloom.

It’s funny, everyone makes such a big deal of the cherry blossoms. Personally, I like the apple blossoms better. And yay! We have some big fat bumbles bobbing among the flowers now. I hope they find nests nearby, and we have lots of them around this summer.


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