Some hummingbird flowers for March and early April

14 Apr


Here are a few things blooming now that the hummers adore:

Ribes sanguineum (red flowering currant)

Rubus spectabilis (salmonberry)

Grevillea victoriae

Mahonia aquifolium (tall Oregon grape)

Mahonia nervosa (Cascade Oregon grape)

Lonicera x standishii (winter honeysuckle)

in addition to these, there are a few other things in the garden I haven’t seen them use much, but are on the lists;

Chaenomeles spp (flowering quince)

Hyacinthus hispanica (wood hyacinth)

too bad the daffodils don’t attract them!

I also wonder about a few other things blooming now, but I haven’t seen the hummers use them, especially the tough little comfrey Symphytum ‘Bressingham Blue’ and the various cherries, plums and crabapples blooming this time of year.

This year, the currants started early, in late March where they usually start blooming in mid April. But the Rufous hummingbirds were just as early, the first female showing up around a week after they started blooming. Unfortunately, there are so many birds in the garden this year, that most of them are already almost done this year. Hopefully the honeysuckles and late April flowers will start blooming soon for them.


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