Mahonia nervosa

14 Apr



Mahonia nervosa, the low or Cascade Oregon grape, is one of my favorite native evergreens. These beautiful flowers bloom usually in April, followed by long chains of purple fruits in mid to late summer. This species loves shade and is drought tolerant once established. Rarely grows over 3 feet in height, often stays under two feet, and will slowly make a loose open groundcover under trees, either evergreen or deciduous.

All around, an excellent native shrub. It can be picky to get them started, and takes a while to achieve true drought tolerance, but worth the effort. I prefer planting small seedlings of these, they seem to settle in faster and have better drought tolerance. Theses do not like growing in pots. Can be propagated from seed, or from cuttings if you have to trim them. Use a mist bed if you want to try cuttings, if at wall possible. There are no cultivars that I know of, but it would be interesting to see some.



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