Grevillea victoriae

14 Apr



Grevillea victoriae is an Australian species, I’m not sure if it is a hybrid or what, but has proven hardy for me here, and is a mainstay of my garden from its first flowers in November through mid to late spring, often blooming non stop into April or even May in cooler winters. The whole time, it hosts the resident Anna’s hummingbirds. It may not be their favorite depending on what else is in bloom, but it is a mainstay at a time when there aren’t a lot of other things blooming. Especially in mid winter.

Like many Australian plants, these NEED dry conditions, a tough thing in our winter wet climate. Mine is perched on top of a three foot rockiest, and NEVER gets watered in summer. I think overwatering kills these faster than anything. Also, like many Protea relatives, fertilizers, especially anything with high levels of phosphorus, should be avoided. They like it lean.

I have yet to see anything resembling a seed pod, nor have I gotten cuttings to take. The mulch pile buried some of the lower limbs, and even those didn’t set roots, so I don’t know how to propagate these.


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