First Butterfly of the year! Mourning Cloak

28 Mar


I don’t get many butterflies in the garden in the best of years… The Coastal Northwest just is not that diverse butterfly wise, and in Urban areas we can really only expect a handful of species.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I got buzzed by a mourning cloak yesterday while I was out working in the garden! The gold edge was a little ragged from his winter’s rest, but he was beautiful nonetheless. He flitted around sampling moist dirt in a couple of places, probably attracted to the kitty litter water I tried making. MCs are one of the butterflies attracted to feces and rotten things, especially if they get wet so the salts or whatever leach out into the surrounding soil (or a birdbath if you prefer to try and “feed” them. A rotten banana in a tray of moist soil will work for this too.)


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