What’s blooming March 21, 2013

22 Mar

This is a list of what is blooming now here on Mercer Island in my garden;


Cymbidium hybrid

Fuchsia triphylla ‘Gartenmeister Bonstedt’

Fuchsia x (Display?)


Phaelenopsis hybrids (4 different ones at the moment)

Tradescantia zebrina (wandering jew)




Bellis perennis (double fl lawn daisy)

Camelia japonica (pink flower with a light stripe down the center of each petal)

Cardamine hirsuta (shotweed, artillary weed)

Chaenomeles x (flowering quince)

Claytonia sibirica (candy flower)

Clematis cirrhosa (winter clematis)

Draba verna (spring mustard)

Forsythia x (forsythia)

Grevillea x victoriae (silk oak)

Helleborus orientalis (Christmas rose)

Hyacinthus x (Peach hyacinth)

Lamium purpureum (purple top)

Lonicera x standishii (winter honeysuckle)

Mahonia aquifolium (tall Oregon grape)

Mahonia bealii (winter grape holly)

Mahonia nervosa (Cascade Oregon grape)

Mahonia x media ‘Charity’

Muscari armeniacum (grape hyacinth)

Narcissus pseudonarcissus (Welsh daffodill)

Narcissus x ‘Peeping Tom’

Narcissus x ‘Tete te’

Narcissus (Dutch Master type from Coldwell Banker)

Narcissus (large trumpet cream and yellow)

Oemleria cerasiformis (Indian plum, osoberry)

Osmanthus delavayi (box sweet olive)

Primula aucalis (primroses, all colors)

Primula aucalis ‘Ballerina Cobalt Blue)

Prunus avium (purple leaf plum)

Prunus tomentosum (Nanking cherry)

Ranunculus ficaria

Ribes lobbii (scraggly gooseberry)

Ribes sanguineum (red flowering currant)

varieties; ‘Appleblossom’, ‘Pokey’s Pink’, ‘Pulsborough Scarlet’, ‘Strybing Pink’, ‘variegata’ and a couple of our “native” ones (seed raised from local sources, and one self seeded bush I like to call “Ace of Mercer”)

Spiraea bumalda ‘Vanhoutei’ (bridal veil spiraea)

Symphytum x ‘Bressingham Blue’ (comfrey)

Vaccinium ovatum (evergreen huckleberry)

Viola x wittrockiana (pansy and annual violets)

Viola sororia (sweet violet)


on adjoining properties-

Andromeda sp (lily of the valley bush)

Daphne odora (sweet daphne)

Vinca minor (vinca)


just out of bloom-

Leucojum vernum (snowdrop)

Mahonia x media varieties; ‘Arthur Menzies’, ‘Kings Ransom’, ‘Winter Sun’


in bud now;

Clematis montana ‘Freda’

Fuchsia magelanica varieties; ‘molinae’, and ‘Whiteknight’s Amethyst’



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